The PETRUZZI is specialized
in producing of:

  • elements of chairs, stools, tables and table tops
  • elements for armchairs, sofa and furniture
  • shells for chair and armchair

normal processing of:

  • contouring
  • studs application
  • boring, shaping, milling, etc...

and for quality and quantity requirements

  • CNC machining center on various types of wood, straight and curved elements, etc



The laser technology permit us to make decorations or pierce to engraving on gadgets, furnishings and furniture in general, starting from small size up to larger ones like the doors of large wardrobes.

In addition to wood, this processing can also be extended on glass, fabrics, textiles, leather and imitation leather, plastic-materials, marble, ceramics, aluminium, etc.

OF RECENT PURCHASE. Equipment for laser cutting. We can cut:

  • metals thickness up to 10 mm
  • wood thickness up to 25/30 mm
  • plastic and plexiglass thickness up to 45/50 mm